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Mark Hauser Discusses Buyout Activity in 2022

Buyout activity has been increasing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic – assumed to be the result of low interest rates and limited inventory. Moving into a post-pandemic environment, buyout activity is expected to remain strong in 2022; however, minor slowdowns are expected compared to the previous year.

Mark Hauser, private equity investor and fund manager, as well as the founder and co-managing partner of Hauser Private Equity (HPE), reflects on recent predictions about buyout activity in 2022. Hauser has invested more than $300 million in capital in privately owned businesses across a diverse set of industries throughout the country. Prior to founding HPE, Mark Hauser was vice president of Reynolds Dewitt Securities, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. While there, he specialized in merchant banking that resulted in public offerings of Mid-American Waste Systems, Future Healthcare, and Health Images. Mark Hauser has served on the board of directors for consumer goods and food and beverage brands. He has also served on boards for government-contracted security and defense businesses and digital advertising and textile manufacturing.


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