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Mark Hauser, Private Equity Investor, Sees Value in the CPG Market

Consumer packaged goods may lack the excitement that comes with the highs and lows of other areas such as startups or real estate, but consumer staples are always in demand, and their steady growth makes them a viable option for significant returns. Technology, social consciousness and emerging industries are causing a rapid shift in consumer trends that make for an exciting time in the industry as a whole, but savvy investors have been tapping into the consumer product goods market for years. The demand for consumer goods remains high and even elevated in certain cases, and those who are able to recognize the trends and do their due diligence have seen success in the sector.

One such firm who has been aware of the value consumer product goods companies can add to a portfolio is Hauser Private Equity. Founded by Mark Hauser in 2008 who remains co-managing partner, Hauser Private Equity is a hybrid private equity fund manager based in Cincinnati. The firm focuses on direct co-investments in the lower-middle to the middle-markets, seeking funds that use strategic investment models to add operating leadership to the companies in their portfolio. They often partner with control buyout funds, but other beneficial partners include managers of growth equity and special situation funds. When looking to partner, Hauser Private Equity seeks teams that have a track record of collaborative investing as well as a history of successful exits, and by working with funds that are focused on operations they are able to create clearly defined target strategies and add value to the companies they invest in. Hauser Private Equity also tends to partner with funds that hold no investments in venture capital, real estate or emerging technology.


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